October 20, 1999







P” before a numerical code indicates Policy

“PR” before a numerical code indicates Policy and Regulation

“F” before a numerical code indicates Corresponding Form

(Forms are not available on-line)











0000          ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS                                                       Back to TOC

0100          Legal Status                                                                                                                             Last Page

                  P       0110    District Name and Identification Codes


0200          School District Philosophy

                  P       0200    School District Philosophy


0300          School Board Organization

                  P       0310    School Board Purpose and Roles

                  P       0311    Statement of Practices

                  PR     0320    School Board Elections and Terms

                  PR     0321    School Board Officers

                  P       0323    Resignation

                  P       0324    Filling Board Vacancies

                  P       0330    Oath of Office

                  P       0340    Code of Ethics

                  PRF   0342    Nepotism, Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure

                  P       0350    School Board Compensation

                  P       0351    School Board Travel

                  P       0360    Board Committees


0400          School Board Organization

                  PR    0410    Meetings

                  PRF  0411    Meeting Agenda

                  P       0412    Meetings - Participation by Public

                  PF     0420    Minutes

                  P       0430    Executive Sessions

                  PF     0440    Notification of Board Meetings


0500          Policy Development and Review

                  P       0510    Policy Development, Adoption, and Review


1000          GENERAL ADMINISTRATION                                                                                  Back to TOC

1000          Religion                                                                                                                                    Last Page

                  PRF  1110    Religious Expression


1200          Calendar Requirements

                  P       1210    School Year

                  P       1220    School Day


1300          Equal Opportunity

                  P       1300    Equal Opportunity

                  PRF   1310    Civil Rights, Title IX, Section 504


1400          School/Community Relations

                  PR     1405    Parent/Family Involvement in Education

                  P       1410    Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities

                  PRF   1420    Community Use of School Facilities

                  PF     1425    School Volunteers

                  PRF  1430    Visitors to Schools

                  PR    1431    Code of Conduct - Adults

                  PRF  1440    Research Requests

                  PRF  1450    Public Access to District Documents

                  PR    1460    Community Involvement in Decision-Making

                  P       1470    Public Gifts to Schools

                  P       1475    Memorials

                  P       1480    Public Complaints

                  P       1490    Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs


1500          Office Methods and Data Management

                  P       1510    Records

                  PR     1520    School District Annual Report


1600          Private, State, and Federal Programs Administration

                  P       1600    Private, State, and Federal Programs Administration

                  P       1610    Protection of Student Rights

                  PR     1620    Private, State, and Federal Funding

                  PR     1621    Title I


1700          Administrative Organization and Roles

                      PF     1705   School Attendance Areas

                  PR    1710    Administrative Reports

                  PRF  1720    Superintendent of Schools

                  P       1730    Building Administration


2000       STUDENTS                                                                                                                     Back to TOC

2100          Nondiscrimination and Student Rights                                                                                   Last Page

                  P       2100    Nondiscrimination and Student Rights

                  PRF   2110    Equal Educational Opportunity/§504 Procedural Safeguards

                  P       2120    Students of Legal Age

                  PRF   2130    Harassment

                  P       2140    Marital, Parental Status of Students

                  PF     2150    Searches by School Personnel

                  P       2160    Interviews, Interrogations, and Removal from School

                  PRF   2170    Distribution of Noncurricular Publications by Students

                  PF     2180    Videotaping of Students

                  P       2190    Pledge of Allegiance


2200          Admission and Withdrawal

                  P       2200    Admission and Withdrawal

                  P       2210    Entrance Age

                  P       2220    Compulsory Attendance Ages

                  PRF  2230    Admission of Resident Students

                  PRF  2240    Admission and Tuition - Nonresident Students

                  PR    2250    Admission of Exchange Students

                  P      2255    Disabled Students

                  PR    2260    Homeless Students

                  PR    2270    Migrant Students

                  P      2280    Admission of Home Schooled Students

                  P      2290    Student Withdrawal from School


2300          Attendance

                  PR    2310    Student Attendance

                  PR    2320    Part-time Attendance

                  P      2321    A+ Military Exemption

                  PR    2330    Student Early Dismissal Precautions

                  PR    2340    Truancy and Educational Neglect


2400          Student Educational Records

                  PRF  2400    Student Educational Records

                  PR    2410    Health Information Records

                  P      2420    Recording of Meetings


2500          Student Academic Achievement

                  P       2510    Grade Placement/Assignment for Transfer Students

                  PR     2520    Promotion and Retention

                  P       2525    Graduation Requirements

                  P       2530    Graduation Requirements – Students with Disabilities

                  P       2540    Early Graduation


2600          Discipline

                  P       2600    Discipline

                  PR     2610    Misconduct and Disciplinary Consequences

                  PR     2620    Firearms and Weapons in School

                  P       2630    Closed Campus

                  P       2640    Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

                  P       2641    Drug-Free Schools

                  PF     2650    Student Vehicle Use

                  P       2651    Student Dress

                  P       2652    Student Conduct on Buses

                  PR     2653    Student Participation in Secret Organizations and Gangs

                  P       2654    Student Use and Care of School Property

                  P       2655    Bullying

                  P       2656    Student Cell Phone Usage

                  PR     2660    Detention

                  P       2661    In-School Suspension

                  PRF   2662    Suspension

                  PRF   2663    Expulsion

                  PR     2664    Enrollment or Return Following Suspension and/or Expulsion

                  P       2670    Corporal Punishment:  Prohibited

                  PRF   2671    Student Discipline Hearings

                  PR     2672    Discipline of Students with Disabilities

                  PRF   2673    Reporting of Violent Behavior

                  P       2680    A+ Program Citizenship


2700          Student Welfare

                  PR    2710    Reporting Student Abuse

                  P       2720    Employment of Students/Work Certificate

                  P       2730    Supervision of Students

                  PR    2740    Student Safety

                  PR    2750    Wellness

                  PR    2760    Foster Care Bill of Rights

                  PR    2770    Seclusion and Restraint 


2800          Student Services

                  P       2810    Guidance and Counseling Services

                  P       2815    Contact and Involvement with Outside Agencies

                  P       2820    Psychological Testing of Students

                  P       2830    Health Services

                  P       2831    HIPAA Privacy Act

                  P       2840    Student Accident Insurance

                  PRF  2850    Inoculations of Students

                  PR    2860    Students with Communicable Diseases

                  PRF  2870    Administering Medicines to Students

                  PR    2875    Student Allergy Pervention and Response

                  P       2880    Student Physical Examination

                  P       2890    Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders


2900          Activities and Athletics

                  PR    2910    Student Publications

                  PRF  2920    Interscholastic Activities and Athletics

                  PF    2930    Concussions - Brain Injury

                  PR    2940    Student Group Use of School Facilities


3000          FINANCIAL OPERATION                                                                                            Back to TOC

3100          Financial Management                                                                                                            Last Page

                  PR     3100    Financial Management

                  P       3102    Debt Management Policy

                  P       3106    Fraud Prevention

                  PR     3110    Preparation of Budget

                  P       3111    Fiscal Year

                  P       3112    Budget Implementation and Transfer

                  P       3113    District Fund Accounts

                  P       3114    GASB 54

                  P       3120    Petty Cash

                  P       3130    State and Federal Projects

                  PRF   3140    Banking Services

                  PR     3150    Payment Procedures

                  PR     3160    Investment of District Funds

                  PR     3165    Procurement Standards - Federal Contracts

                  P       3170    Purchases By and/or Solicitation of School Staff

                  P       3180    Procurement of Professional Services


3200          Payroll

                  P       3210    Payroll Deductions

                  PF     3230    Expenditures for Certificated Staff


3300          Revenue

                  P       3310    Revenue from Tax Sources

                  PR     3320    Taxing Authority/Tax Rate Hearing

                  PR     3330    Bonded Indebtedness

                  P       3331    Borrowed Funds

                  P       3340    Building Use

                  P       3350    Student Fees and Fines

                  P       3360    Tuition

                  PF     3370    Fund-Raising

                  PR     3380    Sale/Lease of Real Property

                  P       3390    Sale/Lease of Personal Property


3400          Accounting and Reporting

                  P       3410    Accounting System

                  P       3420    Annual Report

                  P       3430    Authorized Signatures

                  PR     3440    Travel and Reimbursement

                  PR     3450    Sales Tax

                  P       3460    Student Attendance Accounting


3500          Auditing

                  P       3510    Annual Audit


3600          School Activities Funds

               P       3610    Management

3700          Insurance

                  P       3710    Insurance Programs

                  P       3730    Liability Insurance

                  P       3740    Bond for All Employees


4000          PERSONNEL SERVICES                                                                                              Back to TOC

4100          Employment                                                                                                                             Last Page

                  P      4110    Equal Opportunity Employment

                  PRF  4120    Employment Procedures

                  PR    4125    Notice of Arrest, Abuse Complaint, Traffic Citation

                  PRF  4130    Certificated Staff Contracts

                  PF    4131    Extra Duty and Extended Contracts

                  P      4140    Certificated Personnel Reemployment

                  PR    4150    Substitute Teacher Employment


4200          Personnel Assignment and Transfer

                  PRF  4210    Transfer Request

                  PR    4220    Certificated Staff Duties, Schedules, and Working Hours

                  PR    4221    Educational Support Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours


4300          Absences, Leave, and Vacation

                  P       4310    General Attendance

                  PR    4320    Personnel Leave

                  PRF  4321    Family and Medical Leave

                  PR    4324    Leave at Separation from District

                  PR    4330    Holidays and Vacation

                  P       4335    Employee Emergency Service


4400          Professional Activities, Training, and Professional Growth

                  P       4400    Professional Activities, Training, and Professional Growth

                  PRF  4410    General Professional Development

                  PR    4411    Professional Development Program

                  PR    4420    Conferences and Travel

                  P       4430    District Committees


4500          Compensation

                  P       4500    Compensation

                  PRF   4505    Salary Schedules

                  P       4510    Benefits

                  P       4520    Salary Deductions

                  P       4525    Payment of Salary

                  PR    4530    Workers’ Compensation Benefits

                  PR    4540    Group Insurance Benefits

                  P       4550    Retirement Compensation


4600          Performance Evaluation

                  PF     4610    Certificated Personnel Performance Evaluation

                  PF     4620    Support Staff Performance Evaluation

                  P       4630    Staff Conduct

                  P       4640    Teaching Standards

                  PR    4650    Communications with Students by Electronic Media


4700          Separation

                  F       4700    Separation (See Form 4700) (Forms are not available on-line)

                  P       4710    Resignation: Certificated Staff

                  P       4711    Resignation: Support Staff

                  P       4720    Suspension or Termination:  Support Staff

                  PRF  4730    Non-renewal/Termination: Probationary Teacher

                  PRF  4731    Termination of Contract: Permanent Teacher

                  PR    4732    Termination of Employment: Administrator

                  PR    4740    Reduction in Force:  Certificated Staff

                  PR    4741    Reduction in Force:  Support Staff


4800          Staff Welfare

                  PRF  4810    Sexual Harassment

                  PR    4820    Employees with Communicable Diseases

                  PR    4830    Board/Staff Communications

                  PR    4831    Staff Involvement in Decision Making

                  PR    4840    Conflict of Interest

                  PR    4850    Staff Dispute Resolution

                  P       4860    Personnel Records

                  P       4870    Drug Free Workplace

                  PRF  4871    Driver Drug Testing

                  PRF  4873    Staff Cell Phone Usage

                  P       4880    Use of District Property


5000          SUPPORT SERVICES                                                                                                    Back to TOC

5100          Building and Grounds Management                                                                                       Last Page

                  PR    5110    Building and Grounds Maintenance and Inspection

                  P      5120    Maintenance of Facilities

                  PR    5130    Energy Conservation Measures


5200          Safety, Security, and Communications

                  PRF   5205    Handling of Body Fluids

                  PRF   5206    Automated External Defibrillator

                  PR     5210    Hazardous Materials

                  P       5211    Eye Protection

                  P       5220    School Bus Safety

                  PR     5230    Accident Reporting

                  PR     5240    Weather, Earthquake and Fire Emergencies

                  P       5241    Emergency School Closings

                  P       5250    Use of Tobacco Products

                  P       5260    Safety Standards

                  P       5270    Security of Buildings and Grounds

                  P       5280    Vandalism and Theft


5300          Purchasing and Supply Management

                  P       5310    Purchasing Furniture and Equipment

                  P       5320    Preference for Missouri Products


5400          Inventory Management

                  P       5410    Inventory Requirements

                  P       5420    Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials

                  PRF   5440    Equipment on Loan


5500          Food Service Program

                  P       5510    Food Service Management

                  P       5520    Uniform Policy for Free and Reduced-Price Meals

                  P       5530    Competitive Food Sales

                  PR     5540    Food Safety


5600          Transportation

                  P       5610    School Bus Drivers

                  PR     5620    Student Transportation Services

                  P       5630    Bus Routes and Schedules

                  P       5640    Bus Inspections

                  P       5650    Transportation Records and Reports

                  PRF   5660    Field Trips

                  PRF   5661    Field Trip Transportation in Private Vehicles/Common Carriers

                  P       5670    Use of School Buses


6000          INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES                                                                                     Back to TOC

6100          Curriculum Services                                                                                                                Last Page

                  P       6110    Curriculum Development

                  P       6111    Curriculum Planning

                  P       6112    Curriculum Research

                  P       6113    Curriculum Design

                  P       6114    Curriculum Adoption

                  P       6115    State Mandated Curriculum

                  P       6116    State Mandated Curriculum: Human Sexuality

                  P       6120    Curriculum Guides

                  P       6130    Drug Education

                  P       6140    Services for Students with Disabilities

                  PR    6145    Service Animals in Schools

                  P       6150    Curriculum for At-Risk

                  P       6160    Curriculum for Gifted and Talented

                  P       6170    Early Childhood Education

                  PF     6180    English As a Second Language (ESL-ESOL)

                  P       6190    Virtual Instruction Program


6200          Instruction

                  P       6210    Instructional Time

                  P       6220    Student Teachers and Interns

                  PR     6230    Textbook Selection and Adoption

                  PR     6231    Textbook Usage - Students

                  P       6240    Instructional Materials

                  PRF   6241    Challenged Materials

                  PF     6242    Religious or Controversial Issues

                  P       6243    Copyrighted Materials

                  PRF   6250    Instruction for Students with Disabilities

                  PR     6255    Independent Educational Evaluation

                  P       6260     Educational Surrogate

                  PR     6270    Instruction for At-Risk

                  P       6271    Instruction for Gifted and Talented

                  PR     6272    Instruction for Preschool

                  PR     6273    Instruction for Homeless Students

                  P       6274    Instruction for Migrant Students

                  PR     6275   Homebound Instruction for Non-Disabled Students

                  P       6280    Vocational/Technical Education


6300          Library, Media, and Technology Services

                  PR    6310    School Libraries

                  PR    6320    Internet Usage


6400          Evaluation Services

                  P       6410    Evaluation of Instructional Programs

                  P       6420    Test Security

                  P       6430    Semester Examinations

                  P       6440    Statewide Assessments

                  P       6450    Assignment of Grades


6500          Community Education/Continuing Education Program, Office Methods/Data Management

                  P       6510    Instruction for Adults

                  P       6530    E-mail Records and Electronically Stored Information

                  PR     6531    Records Retention/Destruction


7000       FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                                     Back to TOC

7100          Facilities Planning and Design                                                                                                Last Page

                  P       7110    Educational Specifications

                  PR    7120    Procurement of Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors

                  PR    7130    Construction Manager Selection


7200          Facilities Construction

                  P       7210    Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards

                  P       7220    Board Inspection and Acceptance

                  P       7230    Occupancy and Orientation


7300          Site/Facilities Retirement

                  P       7300    Site/Facilities Retirement